Doctors break silence for the first time over Jayalalitha's
The press meet was facilitated by the Tamil Nadu government to address rumours and allegations surrounding Jayalalithaa's death. Dispelling rumours surrounding Jayalalithaa's death, Dr Richard Beale, the consultant intensivist from the London Bridge Hospital, said the former Tamil Nadu chief minister was critically ill and an acute sepsis led to her death.

Here are some major revelations made by the doctors today:

1. For a period of time, she was treated with non-invasive ventilation, and initial condition improved somewhat, but sepsis progressed, it was necessary for her to go on ventilator
2. She became short of breath and was brought to hospital. Respiratory failure was due to blood infection
3. She had serious infection that led to organ failure
4. She was talking, eating, interacting for about a week but sepsis worsened
5. Diabetes made the infection severe
6. There was no amputation, no transplant at all
7. She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest round about 5 o'clock. A medical professional was there, so it was a witnessed cardiac arrest. CPR went on for five minutes. Doctors gave her ECMO and as per practice waited for 24 hours
8. She was admitted to hospital and was road to recovery but had a sudden cardiac arrest which led to her tragic death
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