Doctors develops negative pressure chamber for Covid-19 proc
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World over, the doctors and paramedical staff treating Covid-19 patients are getting infected with the virus. The primary reason for the phenomenon is the proximity of anesthetists and surgeons to the patients’ head and neck area where viral load and the presence of aerosols is more.

A team of Dr. Atul Gaur, consultant anesthetist at the University Hospitals of Leicester, UK, and Dr. Rajeev Lochan Tiwari, HoD, anesthesia, at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur, have found a solution to this problem in form of I-CAD (infection control assist device) project. The project is incubated at Nidhi Techno Business Incubator (NIDHI-TBI) at the Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar (IIPH-G).

Inventor said " Advanced healthcare systems have a concept of negative pressure operation theatres (OTs) for management of airborne contagious diseases. It's different than the normal OTs as its pressure is lower than the adjoining areas, causing the air to flow from higher pressure to lower pressure area, changing the air inside. This helps in reducing the infectious viral load leaking out to reduce the indoor hospital pollution. But not all hospitals can afford to get such OTs. Thus, the idea was to create a small enclosure that can function exactly like the negative pressure chamber".

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Very useful inovation for present corona crisis congs to dr atul and r.l tiwari
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