Doctors in PPEs battle blackouts, skin rashes as temperature
The stifling summer heat and soaring humidity levels have compounded the problems of doctors and other frontline workers who have to stay zipped up in non-porous personal protective equipment for long stretches.

Several doctors across the city are reporting skin rashes, dehydration, and blackouts.

"The PPEs are dehydrating and we tend to lose two to three liters of water in a six-hour shift. Doctors are complaining of body ache, exhaustion, skin irritation. The increased humidity levels are making us sweat more," said a doctor from Nair Hospital which has started installing coolers.

"The one-cooler-a-ward has brought some relief. We have also started distributing energizers, rehydrating formula, and ORS," the doctor added.

At Sion Hospital though, there is no such facility. "Under the mask, we inhale the exhaled air which is termed as rebreathing. Often, we have to breathe through our mouths because we feel so suffocated. By the time we remove the PPEs, we are so drenched in sweat that our inner scrubs are stuck to the body," said another resident.

For doctors in the gynecology units of hospitals, which are crippled by lack of staff, shifts often extend to 12 hours. "I had so many back to back surgeries recently that by the end of the day, I nearly collapsed due to dehydration," said a doctor.

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Indeed a wake up call for all of us tochnge our hospital setup so that our doctors face the least amount of inconvinience while performing their duties.
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