Doctors perform rare surgery to treat brain aneurysm
The doctors at MGM Medical College and Hospital used a rare procedure of installing flow diverter and successfully treated a patient with enlargement of the brain.

A 44-year-old woman, a resident of Aurangabad, was referred to MGM Hospital’s head of neurosurgery department Ishtiyaque Ansari for brain tumour surgery.

The doctor who was treating the patient said that she was suffering from chronic hypertension. She complained of diplopia, headache, complete loss of left eye movement with third cranial nerve palsy.

According to interventional radiologist Shivaji Pole, the clinical evaluation revealed that the patient did not have a brain tumour. “She was suspected of having a large brain aneurysm (bulge in an artery due to weakening of arterial wall), we conducted a brain angiography (cerebral DSA) to confirm, in which a giant aneurysm of intracranial part of the internal carotid artery was detected.

The condition could have turned life-threatening. Subsequently, we decided to go for flow diverter treatment as it was a large wide-neck aneurysm,” Pole said.

The one and half hour procedure of installing flow diverter was carried out on July 27. Under general anaesthesia support given by Ajita Annachatre and Nagesh Jambure, the surgeons inserted the catheter and microtubes through the femoral artery and installed the flow diverter in the artery to close the aneurysm and allow normal blood flow.

The patient was discharged on the fourth day. After a month later she has completely recovered including the resumption of the eye movement.

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