Doctors raise hopes of blood test for children with coronavi
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Doctors have identified a group of blood compounds that may help to reveal which children are most at risk of developing a rare but life-threatening immune reaction to coronavirus.

The new syndrome emerged in children last month with symptoms that resembled toxic shock mixed with an inflammatory disorder known as Kawasaki disease.

Researchers at Imperial College London analysed blood from some of the sickest children and found they had high levels of five compounds that can be measured in routine tests.

Two of the compounds, ferritin and C-reactive protein or CRP, are common blood markers for inflammation. The others are linked to heart damage and blood clotting, namely troponin, BNP and so-called “D-dimers”.

Doctors around the UK and in various hospitals in Europe are now collecting blood samples for the study to learn which markers may help them predict the severity of disease and to understand the genetics of the disorder.

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