Doctors remove 33.5 kg ovarian tumor, aim for world record!
Doctors at a Coimbatore-based hospital operated on the "world's heaviest tumour" recently when they managed to successfully remove an ovarian tumour weighing 33.5 kg from a woman's stomach.

"The maximum size of the tumour removed in India is 20 kgs in AIIMS Delhi and Pondicherry. We have already got approval and certification from Indian Book of Records and Asian Book of Records, and we have sent it for approval to World Book of Records and Guinness World Records is under process," the operating doctor explained.

The patient is an agricultural labourer from Ooty who ignored the growing size of her stomach as she felt no pain or discomfort. However, she was compelled to take medical help as her abdomen became larger with time and she began experiencing pain.

"We further investigated with more scans and investigations, and we found that it was a very large tumour which was occupying the whole abdomen, and it was also compressing the inferior vena cava which carries the blood from the lower half of the body to the heart, because of the compression, she was having the dilated veins all over the abdomen," the doctors said.

It took the doctors nearly 3 hours to complete the surgery, with minimal blood loss.

"The original weight of the patient when she came here was 75 kg, and after the operation, we weighed the tumour, which was about 33.5 kgs. After sending it for biopsy, we got to know that it was ovarian cancer," the doctors said.

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