Doctors remove rare tumour from newborn’s throat
Doctors at a Santacruz hospital successfully operated on a 13-day-old baby who was diagnosed with a rare form of tumour in the throat that hampered the child’s breathing and constricted her vocal cords. This operation was carried on in November. Doctors said that the condition is found in one in every 53,000 live births.

Just three days after her birth, Swarali Patil from Kalyan, was gasping for breath. She refused to be fed every time her mother made an attempt. Her parents, who were alarmed by her behaviour, said minutes after her whimpers, the baby would develop blue colourations on her face, neck and legs. “She kept crying incessantly and her breathing was very noisy. We thought her distress was because of cough,” said Pravin Patil, 35, her father, who works as a mechanical engineer....
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What was the type of tumor ?
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