Doctors responsible for their own safety when dealing with C
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The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has told the Supreme Court that it is ultimately a doctor's own responsibility to protect himself from COVID-19.

The statement was made while replying to a plea questioning the Centre's new guidelines for frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers by which it has ended the 14-day mandatory quarantine for them.

The Ministry of Health has submitted that it is ultimately the healthcare workers who need to protect themselves from exposure to infections by training themselves and taking all precautions to prevent infection.

"While the Hospital Infection Control Committee in the health facility is responsible for implementing the Infection Prevention and Control activities, but the final responsibility lies with healthcare workers. It is their responsibility to train themselves and take all measures in preventing the infection, reads the MoHFW reply.

The Centre has further stated that the Petitioner has given no "empirical evidence" suggesting doctors were testing positive for COVID-19 in spite of wearing PPE and that the conclusions drawn were merely a "hypothesis".

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Dr. M●r R●●●●n
Dr. M●r R●●●●n Dentistry
This generates more questions than providing answers. Covid crisis is gonna test the healthcare infrastructure of the country severely. Lets hope everyone is prepared
Jun 4, 2020Like
Dr. R●o R●o
Dr. R●o R●o Orthopaedics
Can it be presumed that the authorities/government has provided all security equipment, ideal working and residing conditions, given adequate break from work etc
Jun 4, 2020Like