Doctors voice concern for J&K patients in open letter to Uni
A group of twenty doctors has issued a public statement on Thursday expressing concern about the public health situation in Jammu and Kashmir. In particular, the medical professionals have expressed concerns about the absence of functional ambulance systems, mental health challenges and pellet gun injuries.

The medical professionals, in their open letter, expressed concern about the absence of functional ambulance systems, mental health challenges and pellet gun injuries.

The statement says, "In the absence of functional ambulance systems, people are often forced to take private vehicles which are often treated with suspicion... Even those who have to access healthcare on an emergency basis are stopped at the check-posts and some are even arbitrarily denied access as decided by the army personnel. Seeking medical care seems to be a life threatening activity by itself."

Stop using of pellet guns:
On the usage of pellet guns, the doctors said, "The use of pellet guns on unarmed civilians and sometimes even on children can cause permanent disability, is of grave concern and is against basic human rights. In the interest of public health, we call upon these professional bodies to demand that the use of pellet guns by the army against civilians has to be completely stopped."

The doctors have demanded that professional bodies from various branches of medicines should coordinate with the government "to put together teams of doctors to understand and address current issues in Jammu and Kashmir to ensure that there are no gaps in service provision." They have also called for removing the communication blockade in Kashmir.

In conclusion, the statement said, "The rights of citizens of Jammu and Kashmir to healthcare and right to life is currently being compromised (sic). The professional health bodies of India should affirm basic rights of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, to communication and access to all levels of primary, secondary or tertiary healthcare, both private and government.

To read the letter by Doctors to Union Govt, click on:

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Kindly send these letters to those who raise bogal voices over editorial published by Lancet. doctors not meant to stand against injustice and human genocide. they work for the welfare and health of every human being in earth without caste,religion,creed and opinions .
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Good initiative,basic health care should reach everyone without all hassals.
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This type of appeal, statements must be issued by the Medical Professionals in support of Jammu& Kashmir people who are being denied basic healthcare services by the Government with the intention to persecute the innocent children, women and unarmed civilians of Muslim minority community. We the doctors belonging to a Noble profession must voice our concerns for the suffering Humanity impartially irrespective of caste, creed and religion !... Read more
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