Does early mobilisation after ankle fracture surgery enhance
Ankle fractures are common and many require surgery. After surgery, patients are managed in many different ways depending on their age, physical ability, fracture type, bone quality and surgeon. However, guidelines and evidence suggest that being able to actively move the ankle a couple of weeks after surgery in a removable boot might be beneficial to the patient. The two methods being compared are plaster cast and an Aircast® boot. Managing an ankle fracture with a plaster cast means that patients keep their injured ankle relatively still (immobilised) whilst managing an ankle fracture with an Aircast® boot means that patients can move their injured ankle quite soon after surgery – this is called early mobilisation. The findings of this study will be used to determine which treatment is best and which, if any, can be recommended as standard care for patients who fracture their ankles and need surgery.;=&offset=56&totalResults=810&page=1&pageSize=100&searchType=basic-search