Don't Take High Dosage Of Steroids At Home, Visit Hospital F
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Director of All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Dr Randeep Guleria said that the medical treatment for Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) is more prolonged as compared to COVID-19 pandemic. AIIMS Director also added, "Black Fungus is not contagious and it is usually found in the sinus and lungs of human bodies. Mucormycosis is more prolonged as compared to COVID-19 pandemic."

Talking about the ongoing inoculation drive and predicted risk for children, Dr. Guleria said youngsters will be vaccinated as soon as and once required approvals are secured." He added that mild infection of the virus is found in kids. During the conversation, Dr. Guleria said delay in reaching hospitals and reduced quality of care amid the second wave of pandemic led to more COVID-19 deaths.

He urged people to not experiment themselves and consume high dosage of steroids. "Come to hospital, do not ignore initial symptoms," he said. Talking in-depth about black fungus, Dr. Guleria said right treatment at the right time is very important for COVID and black fungus patients. "If not detected in time, the mortality rate could go up. It is very much necessary for the patient to control diabetes."

Dr. Guleria further said that black fungus cases will come down automatically as soon as the number of COVID-19 cases dwindles.

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Thank You Dr. Guleria Sir. This is a valuable piece of information shared on this platform. We all Thank you for your kind words . Blessed to read the post .
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Thanks ! Respected Sir Valuable advice .
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