Double encephalocele arising from single bone defect: A rare
Encephalocele is a congenital malformation characterized by protrusion of the brain tissue due to a skull defect. Based on the location of the skull defect, they are classified into sincipital, basal, occipital, or parietal varieties. It is a neural tube defect.

A newborn male child came in an emergency with a complaint of scalp swelling since birth. On examination, two swellings were found in the occipital region. The sizes of both swellings were 4 cm × 4 cm and 2 cm × 2 cm. There were no neurological deficits preoperatively. There was no family history. Routine blood investigations were within normal limits. The patient was admitted and prepared for surgery. The size of the defect was around 2 cm × 1.5 cm. Decapping and repair were done with resection of the mass. During the surgery, we found that both swellings were arising from a single bone defect with separate sac. Both sacs were repaired separately. Postoperatively, the patient did well and discharged uneventfully. There have been no neurological deficits or hydrocephalus in follow-up for the last 1 year.

Double encephalocele is very rare and only few cases are reported. In all reported cases, patients had separate bone defect. This case is unique because both sacs were arising from a single bone defect.

Source: Journal of clinical neonatology

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