Double lingual frenulum: a case report
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The lingual frenulum is a mucous membrane fold found underneath the tongue. It helps the tongue to perform its function. There are few anomalies that can affect the lingual frenulum, such as ankyloglossia and absence of the lingual frenulum.

A 10-year-old presented complaining of “malpositioned frontal teeth.” The patient’s medical history was insignificant. Her dental history was significant for multiple restorations. Her family history was insignificant. Her parents reported that their 10-year-old daughter did not pronounce the letters D, T, and Th correctly until the age of 7, and she had not received any previous medical intervention. An extraoral examination showed incompetent lips. Intraoral examination was within normal limits but revealed two lingual frenula with no limitation of tongue function. The patient faced no challenges. No further management regarding the lingual frenula was required. Her family members were also examined for double lingual frenula as part of the comprehensive assessment process. The patient’s father had a double lingual frenula, and two of her three siblings had no lingual frenulum.

Double lingual frenula can be considered a variation from normal. In this patient’s case, it did not affect the tongue functions, so no intervention was needed. Further investigations of a larger population with double lingual frenula are needed to measure the correlation between double lingual frenula and difficulties in breastfeeding, speech impediments, malocclusion, maxillary constriction, and obstructive sleep apnea.

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