Double lung transplant surgery performed on patient with vap
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Medical staff at a Detroit hospital say they have performed the world’s first double lung transplant on a person with vaping-related lung injuries.

The team from the city’s Henry Ford Health System called the operation the first of its kind for a “patient whose lungs were irreparably damaged from vaping,” according to a Monday news release.

“It would be nice if it’s the last — if the epidemic of acute lung injury can be brought under control,” Dr. David Christiani, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, told the Associated Press.

Christiani said it’s unclear whether the number of double lung transplants performed as a result of vaping illnesses will rise. That all depends on the availability of donor lungs and the chronic effects of vaping-related illnesses that could bring about other types of conditions, the doctor said.

The Detroit health system did not release any additional information on the lung transplant pending a Tuesday news conference.

While federal health officials have yet to point out any one compound or ingredient that caused at least 39 vaping deaths and more than 2,000 illnesses nationwide, the agency pointed its finger Friday at vitamin E acetate as the “chemical of concern.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the additive, which can cause serious lung injury when vaped, was found in 29 patients from 10 different states who were all diagnosed with e-cigarette or vaping-associated lung injury.

In response to the CDC’s findings, the popular e-cigarette company Juul, which has recently come under intense scrutiny in the midst of the crisis, told The Post on Friday that none of its products contain vitamin E acetate.

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