Dr Mary Anitha cares for baby for month after his parents te
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This story is about Dr Anitha, a psychologist based in Cochin.
She takes care of a 6-month-old baby whose both parents were tested COVID-19 positive and under treatment due to which he was not in a stage to be looked after.

Baby's father, a nurse, contracted COVID-19 last month. Following the father’s test results, the mother went into home quarantine but later tested positive for COVID-19.

None of his relatives was willing to take him for fear of infection. Eventually reached Dr Mary Anitha agreed to watch over the baby.

“By the time the issue reached me, the baby had lived with his mother for several days after she tested positive and his chances of getting infected were very high,” she recalled.

Anitha, who is a mother of three, then went to a hospital before bringing him to an empty unit in her apartment building, where she stayed with him.

Anitha also kept contact with his parents through video calls. The father was undergoing treatment in Gurgaon, while the mother stayed in a hospital in Kochi.

“The doctor was a godsend. Nobody would come forward to take care of a baby of a Covid-19 patient,” baby's mother was quoted as saying. “I respect her as well as her family who supported her decision.’’

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/india/kerala-doctor-cares-for-baby-for-month-after-his-parents-test-positive-6507830/
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Really I salute her for her actions .
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