Dr Ravi Wankhedkar and Dr Shanthanu Sen arrested by
Dr. Atul Chowdhury
Dr Ravi Wankhedkar and Dr Shanthanu Sen arrested by Delhi Police ?

Arrest of the IMA leaders for protesting against the NMC Bill, shows a total absence of tolerance in the minds of the political bosses and the lack of any desire to atleast appear to be democratic. The ghost of Mrs Indira Gandhi seems to have possessed the current incumbent of her chair. The desire to control, overrule, master , crush and dominate those with views different from those of the political leadership portends of ominous consequences for the nation.

What is it that the doctors are protesting ? They are protesting against a Bill which will allow a yearly profit of atleast 50 crore to about 80 Members of Parliament each. This profit making Bill is to be passed by the vote of the very people who will receive this bonanza. That it will raise the cost of medical education and by corollary the cost of healthcare is a moot point.

Repeated representations given to the Government on this issue have fallen on deaf ears. Indian doctors have conquered the world but have failed to be acknowledged in their own country. If the medical training here was so faulty how then were we able to produce such good "products" for 63 odd years since the MCI which regulated medical education all these years came into being. It is the stringent criterion set by the MCI which became a hurdle in the plans of these MP/owners of private medical colleges and the hurdle therefore had to go.

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