Draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill 2016
Amendments proposed -

1) A uniform national exit test (NEXT) to all medical educational institutions at the undergraduate level

2) NEXT would substitute the uniform entrance examination at post-graduate level

3) Common counselling for admission of candidates to all medical educational institutions at the undergraduate level and postgraduate level

4) Upto 50% of the seats in Post Graduate Courses in
Government Colleges may be reserved by the appropriate State Governments/UTs for Medical Officers in the Government services, who have served for at least three years in remote and difficult areas

Ministry of Health and Family welfare is inviting suggestions on this draft bill. Suggestions/feedback may be sent to - mepsection-mohfw@gov.in by 06.01.2017

Reference - http://www.mohfw.nic.in/showfile.php?lid=4136
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Dr. G●●●●v K●●●r General Medicine
Why not government focus on their system to improve standard of clg instead tourtering students
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Please all report their oppose in given email
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We are not support this exam
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