Draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill 2016
Dr. Ahmed Farooq
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Draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill 2016
Amendments proposed -

1) A uniform national exit test (NEXT) to all medical educational institutions at the undergraduate level

2) NEXT would substitute the uniform entrance examination at post-graduate level

3) Common counselling for admission of candidates to all medical educational institutions at the undergraduate level and postgraduate level

4) Upto 50% of the seats in Post Graduate Courses in
Government Colleges may be reserved by the appropriate State Governments/UTs for Medical Officers in the Government services, who have served for at least three years in remote and difficult areas

Ministry of Health and Family welfare is inviting suggestions on this draft bill. Suggestions/feedback may be sent to - mepsection-mohfw@gov.in by 06.01.2017

Reference - http://www.mohfw.nic.in/showfile.php?lid=4136
Dr. F●●●●n K●●n
Dr. F●●●●n K●●n General Medicine
Well, honestly strictness should be made at the level of each institution by the MCI. My solution to this problem is to strengthen and shape the clinical aspect in every insitituion. Bring the compulsion of evening wards. So that eventually the student becomes a better physician rather than indulging students into another set of examination, the knowledge that he will gain and soon forget as he will be busy preparing for the theory rather than strengthening his practical. I had done a study on the methods by which a student retains more using a VARK analysis, and the result was eventually a student learns more and retains better by *doing the activity* rather than reading writing or audio alone. Preparing for yet another examination only increases the work load on the student. Personally, in my college they are very strict about the attendance and the internal assessment. According to them, (and actually what makes sense to me too) that attendance in clinical postings should be ????\% cause there's always a scope to learn something new in the ward. Apart from that internal assessment isn't a piece of cake, and we are carefully evaluated on the basis of our clinical knowledge which has more weightage. And also Evening posting are made compulsory from time to time. Finally we are left with no choice but to study and apply our knowledge in the hospital. *I feel an exit exam is just not right, it is like doubting your own students studying in the institutions approved by you(governing body).* Governing body can rather improve the quality of education by having a close and regular check with every institution's teaching system. Also find ways in which they can improve and make the clinical aspect more beneficial for the student.... Read more
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