Draw of lots on Oct 14 to elect NMC members: Dr. Harsh Vardh
A draw of lots will be held on October 14 to select members of the National Medical Commission (NMC) among the nominations sent by the state governments, UTs and State Medical Councils, Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said on Friday.

Once the NMC comes into being, the Medical Council of India will automatically get abolished. The president dissolved the MCI in 2018 and a Board of Governors was appointed to perform its functions.

The entire process of constituting the National Medical Commission will be transparent and media persons will be invited to participate to the lottery, Dr. Vardhan said.

The NMC Act, which seeks to usher in mega reforms in the medical education sector, received the assent of the president on August 8 and was published the same day.

Several relevant sections of the Act came into force on September 2, after which the Health Ministry on August 9 wrote to to all chief secretaries, home secretary (in UTs) and State Medical Councils, seeking nominations for selection of members to set up a Medical Advisory Council (MAC).

"The MAC will be the larger body having representatives of all state governments and state medical councils will be notified before October 14 and the draw of lots will be held among the nominees of states and UTs in the Medical Advisory Council," Vardhan said.

Seventy-two applications for NMC have been received. Twenty-two State Medical Council nominations, and 23 VC nominations for the MAC have been received.

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