Drug and Alcohol Abuse amongst teens.
Abida Arif
Drug and Alcohol Abuse amongst teens.
The emerging teens these days, as we see, are most commonly addicted to alcohol, smoking and drugs.
Drug and alcohol abuse has been widely spread among this age group mainly due to peer pressure, rebellious nature and many other facts that the teens find pretty provoking, due to which they atart with alcohol or drug consumption.

Psychologists say, it's in the mind of the individual to act upon the surroundings. The teens, have a mindset which can be easily provoked. These teens are sometimes provoked into such acts, and sometimes do it out of the stress they are unable to deal with.
Due to the lack of attention from their loved ones, these teens choose the path of such abuses which might even lead to a lag in their education.
The top few reasons are listed in the link below.

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