EXIT exam for Dental students proposed in the Draft Bill for
After formation of National Medical Commission (NMC), the Ministry of Health and Family welfare has proposed to finalise National Dental commission Bill for setting up a National Dental commission and repealing the Dentists Act, 1948.

If the draft of National Dental Commission Bill 2020 gets approval, BDS (undergraduate dental) students shall have to appear for an exit exam before pursuing MDS (postgraduate dental) and for obtaining license for practicing dentistry.

The draft of National Dental Commission Bill 2020 has been released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Before finalizing the bill, which would repeal the Dentists Act, 1948, the comments and suggestions have been sought from general public on the draft bill till February 20.

Accordingly, a draft National Dental commission Bill is prepared and attached for comments of the General public/Stakeholders. comments may be sent via e-mail at v.ihal972@sov.in on or before 20th February,2020

The NEXT will be a screening test for admission to postgraduate dental courses and will be also be mandatory for obtaining license to practice dentistry.

"The National Exit Test (Dental) shall become operational on such date, within three years from the date of commencement of this Act, as may be appointed by the Central Government by notification," reads the draft bill.

The NEXT will also be an entrance test for foreign candidates who have completed the undergraduate dental course in foreign country. "Any person with a foreign dental qualification shall have to qualify National Exit Test (Dental) for the purpose of obtaining licence to practice dentistry as dentist and for enrolment in the State Register or the National Register, as the case may be in such manner as may be specified by regulations," reads the draft bill.

The draft bill proposes constitution of four autonomous boards: the under-graduate dental education board, the post-graduate dental education board, the dental assessment and rating board and the ethics and dental registration board. Each of the boards will have one President and two whole-time members and two part-time members.

Source: Draft Bill for National Dental Commission

To read the draft bill, click on: https://pxmd.co/lgZ6t
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