Eating Like Popeye Can Cut Risk Of Heart Diseases
Eating plenty of green vegetables slashes the risk of heart disease, a research revealed. A team of researchers followed more than 12,000 men and women, with an average age of 59 and monitored their iron levels and compared these with rates of heart disease and heart attacks over a 13-year-period. Experts found that iron deficiency, affecting around two thirds of middle-aged people, is linked to about 10% of all heart disease cases. The study concluded that one in ten new cases of heart disease occurring in middle aged adults could be prevented if people boosted their iron levels. It would also prevent around one in 20 deaths from heart disease among people in their fifties and sixties. Further research is needed to whether iron deficiency would be classed as a risk factor to developing heart and circulatory diseases and the impact of treating iron deficiency with iron supplements.

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