Eating Stupor!!!!
Priyashree Desai
Eating Stupor!!!!
A 25 year old male( flower seller ) left handed but eats with his right hand presents to the hospital with chief complains of dyscognitive spontaneous seizures occurring 4-5 times a day.
- Suffers from disabling seizures since last 12 years but aggravated in the last 2 years. Unresponsive to all naturopathy medicines given to him all these years.

- Majority seizures while eating. When an aura ( peri orbital tingling )occurs patient signals to his relatives but cannot speak. On taking his first bite of food, behavioural and speech arrest without any automatism followed by slow backward fall. Unresponsive during the Ictus lasting 30-60 seconds. After which the patient becomes responsive and resumes eating without further seizures.

- MRI reports of 2007 and 2010: normal.
PET scan of 2010 : Hypometabolism of the Dominant left temporal lobe(LTL)

- MRI report, OCT 2015 :cortical thickening of LTL , blurring of grey-white interface up to the tail of hippocampus, rest of which along with the Amydala was intact.

- Neuropsych Evaluation: intact verbal and visual memory.
General checkups, blood works : normal

- No visible response to phenytoin /valproate

- Negative h/o major illnesses like hypertension or DM or infections.
Normal birth with no congenital abnormalities.No addictions or allergies

- Family history: no seizures
SO, what is your diagnosis? Would you change the medication or opt for surgery? If yes for surgery, any post-op dangers that may hinder you ? Any recent techniques to counter those cons?....... Think medicos....
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Diagnosis is Temporal lobe epilepsy
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Yes that's right but which type ? Any specifics?
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