Echinococcosis in left ventricle: a case report
An 8-year-old child from grazing areas of northwest China was referred to our hospital for the complaint of inpersistent precordial chest pain and left upper quadrant pain for 3 years. Palpation showed hepatomegaly, abdominal palpable mass while inspection abdominal distension. Routine blood tests were within the normal ranges. Combining the life history in pasture area, imaging features and serology results, it was consistent with the diagnosis of cardiac echinococcosis.

There was no cystic lesion in heart on ultrasound and her physical condition improved significantly after the surgery. The patient died of hepatic hydatid cyst rupture due to refusing high-risk surgical treatment and other treatment.

Source: Medicine: April 2019 - Volume 98 - Issue 16 - p e15267

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