Effectiveness of Contraceptive decision aids in Adolescents
A Study was conducted to provide a systematic review of studies examining the effectiveness of contraceptive decision aids in AYA. Contraceptive decision aids may support adolescents and young adults (AYA) in choosing contraceptive methods that fit their unique reproductive health needs.

Studies were included if a contraceptive decision aid was evaluated in AYA populations (age less than 30 years old). The primary outcome was decision aid effectiveness (i.e., change in contraceptive knowledge, interest in contraception, contraceptive use, unintended pregnancies, and satisfaction with the decision aid).

--7 randomized controlled trials and 3 pre/post studies, reporting on 3,725 AYA (range: 11-30 years), met inclusion criteria. No studies were excluded due to risk of bias.

--The methodologies and results were heterogeneous, but most consistently demonstrated increased contraceptive knowledge.

Conclusively, 10 studies evaluated a range of contraceptive decision aid formats for AYA. Decision aids appear effective at increasing contraceptive knowledge temporarily, but their effect on other contraceptive outcomes is unclear.

Source: https://www.jpagonline.org/article/S1083-3188(21)00266-7/fulltext?rss=yes