Effectiveness of Precision Vestibular Rehabilitation in Adol
A Study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of a 4-week precision vestibular rehabilitation intervention compared with a behavioral management control intervention for adolescents with vestibular symptoms/impairment within 21 days of a concussion.

This study utilized double-blind, randomized controlled trial design involving adolescent (12-18) patients with a diagnosed sport/recreation-related concussion with vestibular symptoms/impairment. CONTROLS (N=25) were prescribed behavioral management strategies and instructed to perform stretching/physical activity 30 minutes/day. VESTIB (N= 25) were prescribed precision vestibular rehabilitation exercises and instructed to perform at-home exercises for 30 minutes/day.

-Researchers screened 310 and enrolled a total of 55 adolescent patients who were randomized to one of the interventions.

--50/55 participants completed all aspects of the study protocol. Participants in VESTIB improved significantly across the intervention period in horizontal and vertical vestibular-ocular reflex, but not visual motion sensitivity of the Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening score compared with CONTROLS.

Conclusively, the vestibular intervention group experienced greater clinical improvements in vestibular symptoms/impairment than controls across the 4-week intervention.

Source: https://www.jpeds.com/article/S0022-3476(21)00793-9/fulltext?rss=yes