Effects of Cardiopulmonary Bypass on Renal Perfusion, Filtra
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- Dialysis-dependent acute kidney injury, occurring in 2 to 5% of cardiac surgery patients, carries a mortality between 50% and 80% and is associated with high hospital costs. Indeed, even minor elevations in serum creatinine after cardiac surgery are an independent risk factor for increased morbidity and mortality.

- This study evaluated the effects of normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass on renal blood flow, glomerular filtration rate, renal oxygen consumption, and renal oxygen supply/demand relationship (primary outcome) in patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

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- Cardiopulmonary bypass impairs renal oxygenation due to renal vasoconstriction and hemodilution during and after cardiopulmonary bypass, accompanied by an increase in N-acetyl-?-d-glucosaminidase...