Elbow fracture dislocation with ipsilateral distal radius fr
The most common damage caused by snowboarding is wrist injury. However, Elbow injuries are relatively rare. In general, elbow dislocation with ipsilateral distal radius fracture is also very rare. The present case has been reported in the
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

The authors present a case of an 18-year-old right hand dominant male with distal radius extra-articular fracture and elbow fracture dislocation. CT scan and Magnetic resonance image of elbow joint showed retained intra-articular fragment, trochlear fracture, and the humeral attachment site of lateral collateral ligament (LCL) with rupture.

The ruptured LCL was repaired, and then, the distal radius fracture was fixed with a volar distal radius locking plate. At one year after surgery, the patient did not complain of any subjective symptoms or functional deficit.

Major takeaway:-
- The injury mechanism would fall into the outstretched arm state, leading first to hyperextension of the wrist, resulting in fracture of the distal radius.

- The remaining force is then applied to the elbow joint by an external rotation and valgus moment arm, resulting in the rupture of the LCL of the elbow joint.

- In this state, the remaining force is transmitted through the olecranon to the trochlea as a shear force, resulting in osteochondral fracture and subsequent dislocation of the elbow joint.

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