Embolization with microcoils for urethral hemorrhage: A case
A 47-year-old male patient, after undergoing brain surgery, accidentally pulled out the Foley catheter causing a urethral hemorrhage. The patient was immediately treated using a new larger Foley catheter inserted under urethroscopic guidance and medication. However, massive bleeding occurred on the tenth day after the procedure.

A right internal iliac angiography performed after the bleeding event demonstrated a rupture at the end of the right internal pudendal artery with the contrast agent flowing out directly from the urethra. A super selective internal pudendal angiogram showed a small amount of hemorrhage at the end of the left internal pudendal artery.

The patient underwent interventional treatment. After the bilateral internal iliac angiography was performed, super-selective internal pudendal artery embolization with microcoils was performed. A subsequent bilateral internal pudendal angiogram did not show any abnormality. During the follow up period of 2 months, the patient had no complaints of difficulty in urination or sexual dysfunction.

Source: Medicine: July 2019 - Volume 98 - Issue 27 - p e16184

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