Empaglifzolin Does Not Improve Contractile Reserve In Heart
In total, 120 patients were included. The mean age was 68 (SD 10) years, 83% were male, and the mean LVEF was 38 (SD 10) %. Respectively 60 (100%) and 59 (98%) patients in the empagliflozin and placebo groups completed stress echocardiography. No statistically significant effect of empagliflozin was observed for the contractile reserve assessed by LV-GLS (adjusted mean absolute change, empagliflozin vs placebo, 0.7% [95% confidence interval {CI} –0.5 to 2.0, P = .25]) or LVEF (adjusted mean absolute change, empagliflozin vs placebo, 2.2% [95% CI –1.4 to 5.8, P = .22]) from baseline to 12 weeks. LV-GLS contractile reserve was associated with accelerometer-measured daily activity level (coefficient –24 accelerometer counts [95% CI –46 to –1.8, P = .03]).

Empagliflozin for 12 weeks added to guideline-directed HF therapy did not improve LV contractile reserve in patients with HF and reduced ejection fraction.