Endo-perio Mx of a class 3 cervical resorption in a mandibul
The present case has been published in the journal Clinical Case Reports.

Dental radiography and cone‐beam computed tomography revealed the left mandibular first molar in a 68‐year‐old female patient with Heithersay Class 3 invasive cervical resorption (ICR). The inhibition of ICR progression and environmental improvement in and around the affected tooth through combined endodontic and periodontal treatments led to a favorable clinical outcome.

A 68‐year‐old female patient visited Hiroshima University Hospital with a chief complaint of gingival discomfort around the left mandibular first molar (tooth 36). She had no history of trauma, orthodontic treatment, or bleaching, however, the affected tooth and the second premolar were abutments of a three‐unit metal cantilever bridge. The pontic, which was connected to the two crowns, extended into the missing second molar space.

This bridge had been fixed approximately 15 years before the first visit. She had a malocclusion, open bite, and crossbite (Figure 1A). There was no relevant medical history. There was bleeding on probing on 36 with a pocket depth of 3 mm in all areas except the buccal furcation (6 mm).

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