Endodontic Mx of mandibular canine with two roots and two ca
Mandibular canine is generally considered to have one root and one canal, but it may possess two canals and even less frequently two roots and two or three canals. This article, published in the journal Endodontology highlights the identification and endodontic management of two cases of a rare anatomical variation in mandibular canine with two roots and two canals.

Case 1
Radiographic examination created a suspicion of the presence of two roots with respect to 43. CBCT examination confirmed the presence of two roots (one buccal and one lingual) and root bifurcation was present at the cervical-third of the roots.

Case 2
The diagnostic radiograph revealed widening of the periodontal ligament space in relation to 33. Based on the clinical and radiographic examination, a diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis with acute apical periodontitis was established and root canal treatment was planned.

Read in detail about the cases here: https://pxmd.co/0ZaOH
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