Endoillumination (chandelier) assisted scleral buckling for
Endoilluminator-assisted scleral buckling combines the advantages of scleral buckling for its external approach and pars plana vitrectomy for its better visual visualization in the management of retinal detachment (RD). It has recently been proven to be safe and efficacious in simple cases. This report discusses successful management of a complex case of RD in a patient with the single functioning eye, where vitrectomy was expected to have a complicated course.

Case report
A 61-year-old female presented with sudden painless loss of vision in the right eye (RE) for 7 days. She had been diagnosed to have bilateral aphakic bullous keratopathy, and penetrating keratoplasty had been done twice in the left eye (LE) and once in the RE 6 months back. Best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) was hand motions close to face RE and only perception of light LE. Anterior segment revealed a clear corneal graft RE with interrupted sutures in situ, while the LE corneal graft had a leukomatous opacity suggestive of graft failure. The right pupil was grossly irregular, poorly dilating with superior anterior synechiae. Fundus evaluation RE revealed a fresh total RD without proliferative vitreoretinopathy.