Endometrial Carcinoma in a Young Woman: ‘‘30 is Not Immune’’
Endometrioid adenocarcinoma is the most common form(nearly 80%) of endometrial carcinoma. These tumors are referred to as ‘endometrioid’ because they resemble proliferative phase of the endometrium. It is common in postmenopausal women ([50 years) and presents as abnormal vaginal bleeding [1]. About 1–8% of these carcinomas occur in women less than 40 years. Small numbers of cases have been reported in women under the age of 30 years,the youngest being 15 years. It is unusual in younger agegroup and can be wrongly diagnosed [2, 3]. Majority of patients present with clinical evidence of polycystic ovarian disease but in some reports the patients lacked these features [4]. With this background we present a case of endometrial carcinoma in a young woman who presented
with fibroid.

Case Report
Miss X, a 30 year old presented with complaints of menorrhagia since 6 months and abdominal pain sinceon 2 months. No other significant complaints noted. ...