Epidermal Cyst of Upper Eyelid
Epidermal cysts are benign slow growing tumors resulting from proliferation of epidermal cells [1-3]. Cyst of eyelid typically present during adolescence and late adulthood, as a solitary, elevated, round, freely mobile subcutaneous mass with smooth overlying skin [3]. Epidermal cyst is common in cases of men. Usually cysts are asymptomatic; however, they may become inflamed or secondarily infected. Here we are reporting a case of epidermal cyst of upper eyelid.

Case Report
A 65-years-old male patient visited our OPD with right upper eyelid mass. The patient gave history of this swelling for last 8 months, for which he was being treated elsewhere thinking it to be chalazion, for which incision and curettage has been done elsewhere twice within a span of last two months. After incision and curettage, the swelling used to subside but the swelling used to reappear within 15-20 days and with time, size was increasing. There was no associated pain or redness. There was no history of any ocular trauma.

Read more at : https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/epidermal-cyst-of-upper-eyelid-a-case-report-with-literature-review-2155-9570-1000597.php?aid=81871