#Epilepsy surgery This 25 years old man presented to my OPD
Dr. Rima Das
#Epilepsy surgery
This 25 years old man presented to my OPD with history of uncontrolled Generalized tonic clonic seizure (#GTCS) for last 3 years even after regular anti epileptic medication. There is no history of any associated #headache or #vomiting. We did #MRI #brain which showed the presence of a #cavernous angioma / #cavernoma in the Right temporal lobe. After proper evaluation, I decided for surgery and completely removed the lesion. Post operatively patient did well and after one month I could reduce the number and dose of his antiepileptic medicine. I am planning to stop the AED after 6 months.

Pre operative contrast MRI and post operative CT brain at one month can be seen below.

I will request everyone in medical practice to take note of uncontrolled seizure. Because, who knows he or she may be in a need of #Epilepsy #Surgery
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