Epiploic appendagitis: CT and MRI features - IJS
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Epiploic appendagitis is a rare clinical entity. Depending on its location, epiploic appendagitis may mimic nearly any acute abdominal condition. We report a case of sigmoid epiploic appendagitis in a young male presented with left lower abdominal pain mimicking acute diverticulitis. Case Report
A 36-year-old male patient presented to the ER department complaining of left-side lower abdominal pain for three days duration. He described the pain as of sudden onset and severe in nature initially, but it gradually eased off after few hours and then remained constant. He had no vomiting or change of bowel habits and no urinary symptoms.On examination, the patient was afebrile with normal vital signs. Abdominal examination revealed tenderness, rebound tenderness and muscle rigidity over the left lumbar and left para-umbilical region.The blood investigations including CBC, urea & electrolytes, and serum amylase were within normal limits.Plain x-ray of the abdomen was unremarkable.The CT-scan of the abdomen and pelvis (without IV contrast administration) showed an oval-shaped fat density lesion with thin wall and central dot sign, associated with inflammation in the surrounding fat , at the left iliac fossa close to the sigmoid colon wall.Diagnosis of primary torsion of a sigmoid epiploic appendix (epiploic appendagitis) was established on the classical CT scan findings.The patient was treated conservatively with IV antibiotics. His symptoms completely resolved in 48 hours and he was discharged on the fifth day...