Essence of being a doctor It was my class 12th when I decid
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Mancy Anam
Essence of being a doctor
It was my class 12th when I decided that I want to be a doctor. I got admitted in a private medical college and throughout my journey of three years all i knew about being a doctor was reading books,acquiring skills,prescribing medicine. On a personal view, all i thought was a person with amazing and accurate diagnostic skills is a good doctor and skills is all u need.
As I entered my final year MBBS people around me like my friends ,relatives,neighbours started consulting me for any illness they had ,showing medical reports ; it was like my opinion suddenly mattered. Honestly most of the time I couldnt cop-up and sometimes I had no answer to their questions. This put me in an enquiry 'what kind of doctor will I become?' Everytime i got this question I was hesitant to share it with my parents , teachers , friends and it made overthink. I couldnt get over the feeling of being incompetent.
One day I got an answer to my above question and it changed my context of looking at medicine as a profession. One Thursday post lunch medicine lecture generally goes all drowsy n sleepy sitting on a comfortable chair in an air conditioned room. But that day our professor Mr. Rai started lecture saying that today we 'll talk about what it is to be a doctor and a good clinician. The first question he asked was 'what is the meaning of the word doctor ?' After a brief silence when nobody answered he said it means 'to teach' . He continued by saying a good clinician is the one who 'listens' and 'observes'. These three words worked magic for me in a way that the next time that I went to take a case it was different experience. Well generally I resist taking cases . This time when I went to the patient I listened to all he had to say , observed him keenly for the signs and correlate with the symptom and yes ,I didnt know the treatment but I knew about the basic preventions and precautions about which i could talk to him. My experience great!! The fear, resistance and incompetency just vanished.
Posted in surgery department we were accustomed to take rounds with are HOD Dr.Ashok Kalyanshetti every Thursday. Following him on rounds for learning some techniques and attendence I never knew I would actually experience the essence of what it is to be a doctor. Walking along with a team of residents and professor Dr. Kalyanshetti stopped by a patient operated laproscopy cholecystectomy . When sir was going through her reports she said 'thank you doctor for relieving me of this pain and i request you to operate my husband too' ,but wait !! these words were not for our Hod but his student who operated her. We stood in silence for a while and our Hod smiled and praised his student saying ' I am proud that you are my student and today you have actually become a doctor winning a patients trust' He told us to become a person like his student and started sharing his experience as what a privilege it is to be a medical student and professional. He talked about his student days when he use to get patients lime his maid to his professors for free treatment. He shared about how a beggar gave him the only steel vessel he had as his asset when he operated him.
On the last day in surgery opd , very busy opd with patients entering one by one and a queue waiting outside; in a midst entered a man with old torn clothes and a dirty plastic bag in his hand with 2 ladoos in it . As he entered our sir greeted him with all joy introducing him to us as his patient who stayed in an aashram who he had operated in emergency. The patient with all his heart shared about his happiness that he saved his life and his well being after the operation and offered him the plastic bag with ladoos. As the patient left he called all his team inside the cabin and shared his joy saying 'These 2 ladoos mean a million dollar for me ' and had the ladoo with no hesitation but satisfaction. He shared it with us where people were hesitating to have it but in the moment with that piece of ladoo I realized the actual essence of being a doctor.
Summing it all up all i want to say is
These huge thick books with fancy words,
These long working hours and staying awake in midnights,
Course of 5 and half years with exams frights and flight,
In this one small life of mine is all worth putting in

Mancy Anam
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Superb,the most satisfying and stress relieving factor after hard work is the smile on your patient' s face,a little thank you or just the relief of their pain even if they can' t speak
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Very correct
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Yes dr really its grt feeling
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