Etiological Factors of the Midline Diastema in Children: Rev
Frenum morphology, premaxillo-numerary teeth and nasal airflow condensation are found to be the etiological factors for midline diastema. Midline diastema in children is a prevalent developmental entity, and this pathological condition may remain in many children due to various factors.

A Study was conducted to evaluate the etiological factors of midline diastema causes in children below 12 years of age from the published data.

Suitable studies were selected based on the predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria. Quality analysis of the chosen studies conducted using the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS) was adapted for cross-sectional studies.

--Only 8 studies were available for final analysis among those 4 studies from India, 2 studies from Korea, 1 study from Brazil, and another study from Canada.

--The most common etiology for midline diastema was supernumerary teeth followed by morphology labial frenum and nasal airflow condensation.

--The quality analysis of these studies based on NOS showed one study with unsatisfactory, four studies with satisfactory, and three with good quality.

In conclusion, the most common cause of midline diastema in children younger than 12 years appears to be frenum morphology, premaxillo-numerary teeth and nasal airflow condensation.

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