Evaluation of Ponseti method in neglected clubfoot

Gentle passive manipulation and casting by the Ponseti method have become the preferred method of treatment of clubfoot presenting at an early age. However, very few studies are available in literature on the use of Ponseti method in older children. We conducted this study to find the efficacy of Ponseti method in treating neglected clubfoot, which is a major disabler of children in developing countries. Materials and Methods: 41 clubfeet in 30 patients, presenting after the walking age were evaluated to determine whether the Ponseti method is effective in treating neglected clubfoot. This is a prospective study. Pirani and Dimeglio scoring were done for all the feet before each casting to monitor the correction of deformity. Quantitative variables were expressed as mean ± standard deviation and compared between preoperative and postoperative followup using the paired t-test. Also, the relation between the Pirani and Dimeglio score, and age at presentation with the number of casts required was evaluated using Pearson's correlation coefficient. No improvement in Dimeglio or Ponseti score after 3 successive cast was regarded as failure of conservative management in our study...