Everything about Endoscopic Brow Lift Fine lines and wrinkle
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Dr. Sanjay Parashar
Everything about Endoscopic Brow Lift
Fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead making you look older than you actually are? Are the signs of ageing showing visibly on your face and want to get rid of them? Do the frown-lines forming between your eyebrows make you look grumpy when you are normal? Although there are no topical treatments and creams that can remove the inevitable wrinkles that form on your body, especially your face, the cosmetic endoscopic brow lift surgery is an excellent solution.
It is important to choose a leading cosmetic clinic, such as Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in New Delhi, when you wish to get the best and most affordable endoscopic brow lift treatment in India.
What is Endoscopic Brow Lift?
Conventional cosmetic brow lift, also known as forehead rejuvenation, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to raise droopy eyebrows and help regain a youthful appearance. Brow lift cosmetic surgery requires the cosmetic surgeon to make several incisions along the temples and above the hairline on top. These incisions are then used to reach and tighten underlying supporting muscles and tissues with strong absorbable sutures. The cosmetic surgeon will then use bandages, dressing and medical adhesives to close the comparatively large incisions around the forehead. This often results in discomfort and risk of visible scarring due to the large size of the incisions.
In contrast, an Endoscopic Brow Lift requires the cosmetic surgeon to make tiny (2-4 mm wide) incisions at the side of the forehead and on top, just behind the hairline. An endoscope is a special surgical tube which has a tiny but powerful video camera and a light source attached to its end. This allows the cosmetic surgeon to view the underlying supporting tissues and muscles without needing to pull the skin back. Another similar tube, with tiny surgical instruments attached to its end is also inserted and used to strengthen and secure the slack tissues and muscles efficiently. Once the procedure is successfully completed using the endoscope, the cosmetic surgeon will use small surgical adhesive to close the tiny incision wounds.
Who needs Endoscopic Brow Lift?
Adult men and women who notice that their forehead has visible wrinkles and frown lines can undergo a successful Endoscopic Brow Lift surgery at leading cosmetic clinics in India, such as Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation.
Ageing is one of the main factors that result in visible frown lines and wrinkles forming on the forehead. The decreasing skin elasticity and loosened supporting tissues and muscles underneath tend to make the skin on the forehead sag and form folds and lines. This often gives a constant grumpy expression to the face. In extreme cases, the sagging eyebrows may also affect your vision by drooping excessively and covering your eyes.
Is Endoscopic Brow Lift successful?
Endoscopic brow lift procedure is becoming one of the most common procedures in the cosmetic facial rejuvenation treatment. It is often combined with other face lift procedures to provide an all-round refreshing and younger-looking face.
To ensure that you get the most successful and cost-efficient endoscopic brow lift surgery in India, book your appointment with the expert cosmetic surgeons at Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in New Delhi now.

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