Evolution Of A Jellyfish Sting Treated With Urine.
Case Report
We present the case of a healthy 13 years old boy, who was attacked by a jellyfish at a Caribbean beach. The patient had burning and pain in the left half of the face and left shoulder and linear lesions with erythema and swelling. The tentacles were removed one minute after the attack by irrigating seawater, and two minutes after the attack the father applied 30 seconds directly his urine by direct urination.
One hour after the attack, the patient receives general medical attention, all the lesions were washed with soap and water applying a topical antibiotic (neomycin / polymyxin / bacitracin) and all the symptoms and lessons disappeared two hours after the urine application. The patient required analgesics by mouth for only 12 hours. (Ibuprofen 400 mgs each 6 hours two doses)
The species of jellyfish responsible for the injury was not determined....