Excessive Use Of Sanitisers Could Erase Your Fingerprints: E
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If you value your fingerprints, don’t over-sanitise. A bank professional from Bhopal learned this the hard way when the office biometric attendance machine failed to recognise her fingerprints. She used to sanitise her hands at least six-seven times a day. Her dermatologist asked her to reduce the use of alcohol-based sanitiser and shift to soap-based cleaning.

She’s not alone in the ordeal. Experts from the city are reporting cases where sanitisers are wiping off fingerprints along with the Covid-19 virus. Experts blamed the nature of alcohol for the phenomenon. The condition is temporary, but it can happen to people using sanitisers excessively or not using moisturisers enough, they added.

Dermatologist Anshul Warman said that the issue is reported frequently now that several offices have resumed biometric attendance post-pandemic. "The fingerprints are formed due to the ridges in this layer. The abrasions change it and a clear image is not formed," she said.

The issue is however not very common, assure experts. Dr Tarul Suthar, a city-based dermatologist, said that the issue with fingerprints is reported more in those with an existing history of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). “Frequent use of sanitisers coupled with other skin issues can increase peeling of epidermis,” she said.

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