Expand your medical practice with Bajaj Finserv Doctor Loan

Expand your medical practice with Bajaj Finserv Doctor Loan

Running your own medical practice can be challenging, especially when you are driving patient care and overseeing the administration of your clinic or hospital too. Having separate teams to manage different aspects of your practice may be a more conducive way forward for you, especially if you are also considering expansion.

You may want to make your practice a multi-speciality clinic or set up a diagnostic centre and pharmacy along with the clinic to cater to your patients’ requirements. Instead of dipping into your savings to fund these needs, you can choose a customised funding option created just for you. The Bajaj Finserv Doctor Loan is one such specialised option and here’s how it can help you expand your practice.

Pay for expensive medical equipment at one go

Technologically advanced medical equipment can help you alleviate pain and be more precise, thus providing better care for your patients. While you may want to offer the best machinery in your practice, critical tools are often not manufactured in India and need to be imported from overseas. This increases their cost. However, with the Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for Doctors you can access an ample amount of up to Rs.30 lakh without pledging any asset and repay it comfortably between 12 and 96 months. Be it buying or leasing machinery, you can do it easily with this loan, and even have funds for repair and training your staff, if need be.
Fund a diagnostic centre 

With expansion on your mind, you may be planning to add a diagnostic unit to your existing set-up so as to increase your revenues. To start with you may want to install a new MRI or CT scan machine, hire technicians to handle specialised medical equipment, and start a laboratory for testing samples. Rather than using personal finances for such business expenditure, rely on the Doctor Loan. You can access the funds you need easily thanks to the simple eligibility terms and conditions set in place by Bajaj Finserv specifically for medical professionals like yourself.

Expand your clinic to accommodate more patients and staff

When you’re looking to embark on an expansion plan like adding a new wing, floor or unit to your hospital or polyclinic or want to open a second branch, you rely on the Doctor Loan. Since scaling up requires funds at different points in time, you can avail the Flexi Loan facility to withdraw funds from your sanction, multiple times, as per your needs. What’s more, you just have to pay interest on the amount you utilise and repay the principal when the tenor ends. Moreover, you can choose to pay interest-only EMIs to save up to 50% on your EMIs and handle your cash flow with more convenience. As your bottom-line increases, you can also make part-prepayments on your loan without paying anything extra.

Upgrade your clinic’s billing and patient records software

Expansion usually leads to your practice not only catering to more patients, but also including more staff. Medical software for various operations such as accounting, billing, and patient management increases the efficiency in your practice and keeps human negligence at bay. So, if you plan to install software while undertaking business expansion, you can do that in a hassle-free way with funds from your Doctor Loan. You can also optimise software in your practice in instalments, after checking their functionality, using the Flexi facility. 

Address all your expansion needs and fulfil a number of growth requirements with ease using the customised Doctor Loan from Bajaj Finserv. Check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv to apply for a tailor-made loan that gives you instant approval.

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