Expectations from Budget 2017 in Healthcare
Coming closely after the demonetization drive that has overwhelmed the citizens and the economy for the past two months, the budget 2017 is being awaited with bated breath.

In the budget 2016, the government tried to improve thrust on two major A’s in healthcare - affordability and accessibility - with special focus on the elderly and poor families. The announcement to open 3,500 generic medical stores and the National Dialysis Program were important moves that laid out the government’s vision for increasing the reach of public healthcare. Another dimension to the same goal was the announcement of a basic insurance cover.

Here is a list of goals we expect would be furthered through this budget -

- Increase healthcare spending
- Improving access and infrastructure in rural areas
- Launch concrete PPPs
- More public cancer treatment centres
- Regulatory reform on the lines of Obamacare
- Address need for more emergency medicine professionals

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