Experts warn Diabetics against following media-hyped diets
People with type 2 diabetes should be wary of social media hype about the benefits of going on the paleo diet, a University of Melbourne researcher says. Writing in the Medical Journal of Australia, Associate Professor Sof Andrikopoulos says despite dozens of websites urging diabetes sufferers to go paleo, there have been no trials lasting beyond 12 weeks on type 2 diabetes sufferers.

"There have been only two trials worldwide of people with type 2 diabetes on what looks to be a paleo diet," said Associate Professor Andrikopoulos, a researcher at the University of Melbourne Department of Medicine, based at the Austin Hospital. "Both studies had fewer than 20 participants, one had no control diet, and at 12 weeks or less, neither study lasted long enough for us to draw solid conclusions about the impact on weight or glycemic control."

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