External cervical root resorption in mandibular molar: how t
External root resorption of teeth takes its origin from periodontal tissues but is often an endodontic enigma. A combined endoperio management is required if the external resorption involves both entities.

This article, published in the Journal of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics describes the management of an external resorption in mandibular first molar by intentional reimplantation using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) as an adjunctive diagnostic aid.

Following atraumatic extraction of 36, endodontic treatment was performed extraorally, followed by sealing of the resorptive site using Biodentine. The periodontal procedures included guided tissue regeneration using a bioresorbable membrane and placement of osseograft for bone regeneration.

After a follow-up period of 10 months, the patient was totally asymptomatic. Intentional reimplantation is a viable treatment option for external root resorption of inaccessible sites.

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