Extragingival pyogenic granuloma: A rare case report
A 40-year-old female patient presented with a chief complaint of growth on her left buccal mucosa. The lesion was of negligible size when the patient first noticed it 2 months ago. There was a gradual increase in size causing discomfort while eating and used to bleed on being traumatized.

The patient was unaware of any initial trauma to site of the lesion. Her past medical history was noncontributory and her extraoral examination did not reveal any abnormalities.

Clinical examination revealed an exophytic, red pedunculated lesion measuring approximately 1.5 × 1.5 cm in size, having a smooth lobulated surface situated on left buccal mucosa below the line of occlusion in relation to 35 and 36 regions.

The lesion was firm in consistency, nontender, noncompressible, and no pulsations were seen. There were two three bleeding points on the lesion and the lesion was easily bleeding on touch.

Hemogram of the patient was within the normal limits and the patient was taken for excisional biopsy under local anesthesia and histopathologic evaluation was recommended as the diagnostic approach. The wound healed uneventfully and the patient was followed up for a period of 6 months and no recurrence was found.

The histopathologic features were suggestive of a pyogenic granuloma.

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