FDA Approves Soaanz for Edema in Patients With Heart Failure
Officials with the FDA have approved torsemide (Soaanz; Sarfez Pharmaceuticals) tablets as a once-daily treatment for patients with persistent edema who are suffering from heart failure and whose edema is not controlled with a loop diuretic therapy.

According to a press release, torsemide has shown a longer duration of peak effects and does not cause excessive urination. It is an alternative for patients who skip loop diuretic treatment because of concerns with excessive urination, as well as patients with chronic kidney disease.

“Soaanz is specifically formulated to reduce excessive urination in heart failure patients,” said Salim Shah, PhD, JD, founder and chairman of Sarfez Pharmaceuticals. “We believe that for many of these patients who are aged 65 and older, the new treatment option now approved by the FDA offers tremendous benefits.”

Although loop diuretics are widely used for the treatment of volume overload caused by heart failure and chronic kidney disease, excessive urination can impact patients’ quality of life. Because of the extended duration of peak effect, torsemide tablets take longer to reach peak effect, thereby limiting this adverse effect.

Development of the drug was made possible with grants from the Small Business Administration and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, according to the press release. Shah said the company plans to offer the drug at reasonable prices to patients, which is important because most heart failure patients are insured under Medicare programs and have limited disposable income.

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