FDA identifies 20 drugs at coronavirus-related shortage risk
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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified approximately 20 drugs at risk of shortage due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. These drugs either source all main ingredients from China or are finished in the country.

FDA spokeswoman Stephanie Caccomo was quoted as saying: “We have been in contact with those firms to understand if they face any drug shortage risks due to the outbreak. None of these firms has reported any shortage to date. We will continue to remain in contact with the manufacturers so that we can best help mitigate any potential issues in the future.”

Since January 24, the FDA has been in touch with more than 180 manufacturers of human drugs to remind them of their requirement to notify the regulator of any expected supply disruptions.

U.S. officials raised concerns this week about the security of the U.S. drug supply chain in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in China, where a significant portion of the ingredients used to make prescription drugs is manufactured. Around 88 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used in drugs for the U.S. market were manufactured overseas in 2018. And about 14 percent of the API for U.S. drugs in that year were produced in China, the FDA said

Source: https://in.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-fda/fda-identified-20-drugs-with-shortage-risks-due-to-coronavirus-outbreak-idINKBN20J20I
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Thank you for the info Plexusmd. Can an article be done on where and what are such raw materials that china has,allowing 88\% market share!!!!
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Dear Dr. Panchal, Thank you for your query. In response to it, we have posted the article with more information on restricted drugs in India. kindly refer to following link : https://www.plexusmd.com/md/post?pfpid=52253
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